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Ultimate Viking / Pagan / Heathen Christmas (Yule) Tree Decorations!  Raise a horn of mead to some decorations worth celebrating with this yuletide!  These look great on your tree, wreath and in your home all year round! These are available to buy individually or as a pack of all 9 of our designs.


These are made from polished steel, and we include a length of jute twine for hanging. Mainly for indoor use or can be used outdoors however, they will rust over with a patina creating an alternative look.

>Designs & Sizes (HxW approx)

If you are unsure which is which, I have linked the photos, simply select one from the drop-down option and the product photo should change to the selection.

Huginn raven 11x8.5cm
Muninn raven 7x9cm
Sleipnir 8-legged horse 8x9cm
Helm of Awe Symbol 9x9cm
Vegvisir Symbol 9x9cm
Longship 7x9cm
Yggdrasil 8.5x8.5cm
Saehrimnir 6x9cm
Valknut 9x9cm

Viking / Pagan / Heathen Christmas Tree Decorations