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Parasaurolophus, meaning near crested lizard is a herbivore from 76 million years ago brought back to life in steel for your garden!

Parasaurolophus 3D Metal Sculpture is 61x21x50cm (24x8.219.6 inches) item is welded and rusted ready for display.

THIS IS NOT A TOY. Keep away from Children, display purposes only

Precision cut from steel and then rusted using our unique all natural formula. The item you receive will be pre-rusted and ready to admire in your garden.

We use high-quality thick steel to last many years.

Parasaurolophus 3D Metal Sculpture

SKU: rusty3dParasaurolophus
  • Material = Steel

    Size = Freestanding and measures61x21x50cm (24x8.219.6 inches)