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Allosaurus dinosaur, one of our largest dino sculptures in our shop. The sculpture brings this formidable dinosaur to life, showcasing its powerful presence and fierce spirit. The rustic finish adds an aged and weathered look, enhancing the sculpture's character and lending a sense of history to your garden.

Metal Allosaurus 3d Sculpture is precision cut from steel and then rusted using our unique all-natural formula. The item you receive will be pre-rusted and ready to admire in your garden.

Freestanding and measures 93x51x62cm LxWxH (36.6x20x24.4inches). Can be made larger or smaller via customer order, please get in touch.

THIS IS NOT A TOY. Keep away from Children, display purposes only

Metal Allosaurus 3d Sculpture

SKU: rusty3dallosaurus
  • Material = Steel

    Size = Freestanding and measures 93x51x62cm LxWxH (36.6x20x24.4inches)