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Vegvisir is the viking compass, helping true vikings find their destination, the word Vegvisir translates to ‘sign post’ or ‘way finder’ and is pronounced VEGG-vee-seer! This symbol was found carved into viking ships, buildings and even their bodies. Now you can have your very own in your home or ship!  

Perfect size to hang anywhere in the home or garden. Each piece is LASER cut for ultra high quality and then finished to a high standard using powder coating paint which is ultra tough and weather proof.

Item pictured is finished in Antique Silver power coat paint.

What is powder coating? Powder coating is a way of painting steel with a gun that ejects powder onto a surface that is electrically charged, the charged piece attracts the powder for a perfect even coat. This is then baked in an oven to melt the powder permanently to the metal. The result is a harder, more UV resistant and perfect finish when compared to traditional methods.

Vegvisir Viking Wall Art / Viking Compass

  • Material = Steel

    Size = 20 Inch diameter