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70cm Long (25.5 inches) and 41cm high (16.2inch)

This is the ultimate garden ornament, a raptor stomping around! This would look amazing in any garden for kids or big kids like me. Stand him on the wall to scare the neighbours or enjoy him hiding in the flower beds, wherever you place him he will look stunning.  


THIS IS NOT A TOY. Keep away from Children, display purposes only

Precision cut from steel and then rusted using our unique all natural formula. The item you receive will be pre-rusted and ready to admire in your garden. 

Rex is around 70cm Long (25.5 inches) and 41cm high (16.2inch) item is fully assembled, welded and rusted ready for use.

Rusty Metal Raptor 3d Sculpture - Velociraptor

SKU: rusty3draptor
  • Material = Steel

    Size = 70cm Long (25.5 inches) and 41cm high (16.2inch)