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Wk18 - We have mice! and a T-Rex ate our business cards!

Hello and welcome back to Rusted Banana the home of rusty garden decor and custom signs. What have we been on with this week? Well, we have been working hard getting your spring orders out, thank you very much to all you wonderful customers! In between all that we have been at the design table coming up with more unique items for your home and garden.

Rusty Metal Mice

This week we have listed 2 new items and the 1st is a pack of 3 mice. They are life size and very cute, they all come with their own bracket so you can have them freestanding in the home and the bracket also has a hole so you can screw them outside. These guys look great on top of door frames and up to mischief along rafters and fence panels. We have a set on top of our log burner and think they look great without all the mess of real mice!

The price for all 3 mice is £9.99 on Etsy or with a 5% discount on our site found here

T-Rex / Raptor Skull Business Card Holder

Last week we had a few items out at a local event and we needed a business card holder. We then had a great idea to make 3d Raptor‘s head larger to hold the business cards! This worked out great and lots of people couldn’t help but take a card! Fantastic, if this works out great for us then our customers could also benefit from this at craft fairs, shops and anywhere else you need a unique business card holder to grab peoples attention and get your name out there! They are solid steel and welded to a base, they are heavy weighted at around 2kg so wont fall over when a table is knocked for example and will last forever!

The price for the Skull Business Card Holder is £29.99 on etsy or 5% off on our website here

Next week we have at least 3 new items to add so please subscribe to the website or our Facebook page to stay up to date, have a great weekend guys!



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