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6 Great Garden Gift Ideas For Fathers Day our Metal Garden Decor Choices - 2022 Rusted Banana


6 Great Garden Gift Ideas For Father's Day our Metal Garden Decor Choices - 2022 Rusted Banana

Since 2018 we have been busy making unique metal garden gift ideas and here are our 6 best choices for 2022. Each one is a perfect gift idea for that special father that we know he will love.

Each item has especially been chosen for their budget-friendly price

Let's dive right into the list

ALL Prices Include Free UK Shipping!


1. Rusty Metal Woodpecker Bird Decor £6.69

This year, the most budget-friendly item we have on our list is our rusted metal Woodpecker. He is just 1 of the many metal garden birds we have in our shop.

The Woodpecker is life-size and around 5.2inches long and made from steel.

He has a bent-over bracket with a fixing hole so you can mount him on a tree trunk, fence posts on the wall, or pretty much anywhere you like.

He will look great and last many many years...

Link to woodpecker here

2. Rusty Metal T-Rex Fence Topper Decor £10.47

Next on the list is our awesome T-Rex Fence Topper.

He also has a bent-over bracket so you can mount him on a fence post or add him as decoration along a fence.

He stands around 6 inches high so he won't eat the neighbours dog but will look great wherever you mount him

Link to T-Rex Fence topper here

3. Rusty Metal Rat Garden Decor £11.64

This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves rats or a great memorial gift for anyone that has recently lost a dear pet.

Rusty metal rat, this little fella is free-standing and stands around 4.5 inches high.

Made from thick quality steel and rusted in-house using our unique natural formula.

Link to Rusty Rat here

4. Metal Owl on a Branch Garden Tree Decor £28.49

Next on our list is the great Horned Eagle Owl usually found in the mountains or the trees near rocky areas of the world but now he can be your garden!

Impressive 17 inches high by 17 inches long he's a statement piece! He has a fixing bracket at one end and will love great mounted to a tree, fence post, or on the side of a building or barn.

We have other owls and birds found in our shop here

Link to Rusty Metal Owl on a branch here

5. Custom Metal BBQ Sign £33.24

Now we are getting into ultimate fathers day gift ideas! Let him know he is the rightful King of the GRILL with this BBQ sign.

We will add your father's name to the bottom and you have a choice of plain steel finish like the image below or upgrade the item with powder coat paint in many colours, you can even add invisible stud mounts to make the item 'pop' off the wall.

Link to our BBQ Sign found here

6. 3D Metal Raptor Dinosaur Sculpture! £75.99

The last item on our list is the best father's day gift idea! It doesn't get much better than this. Standing over 16 inches high and 25.5 inches long! is this 3d Metal Raptor! He is fully welded in our workshop, rusted, and ready to free stand in your garden. He looks raawwsome in bedding plants like the image below, free-standing on the lawn or scaring the postman looking over the wall! We have other 3d dinosaur sculptures in our shop found here.

Link to 3d Raptor found here


All prices include FREE UK shipping! Competitive tracked international shipping!

Well, that's the end of our 6 best pics for garden decor ideas for 2022. What do you guys think? Please make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with more awesome gift ideas

Robert, Rusted Banana



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