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Wk17 - Intrepid Brewing Sign, Calum Audio Experiment and Paypal

Hello and welcome back to Rusted Banana the home of rusty garden decor and custom signs. This week has been a busy one. We returned from our 2 week holiday in The Netherlands and Belgium so we have been busy catching up on getting lovely customers orders out.

Intrepid Brewing Sign

As I am writing this, Intrepid Brewing Co are having a brewery opening day (30/04/22). This is set to be a great day in the yard, they have casks for tables, barrels as chairs and great music provided by Calum Audio they are literally planning a p**s up at a brewery! For this, they wanted a new sign to go above their casks.

The process

Ben at Intrepid Brewery emailed me a pdf logo which we converted into an svg file which could then be blown up to 4ft wide without loosing any quality.

Next he measured the space needed for the sign and went with 4ft wide and he also went for stud mounting option, this will let the sign stand off from the wall and give a more 3d look.

Once we have the file and size it‘s onto the the laser cutter….

If a customer ever orders stud mount signs they need cardboard templates to go with the steel design so that they know the positions of studs for drilling. They are also easier to work with when positioning on the wall….

After positioning the holes are drilled and the sign can be simply pushed into the wall, the holes are pre-filled with no nails. The customer is very happy with the end result…

Calum Audio Experiment.

The guys over at Calum Audio make large speaker cabinets for concerts, raves and any other place people need high quality loud sound, go and check em out guys here. They are in a competitive market and wanted to offer customers something others arn’t offering.

He requested graphics to be transferred somehow to his speaker mesh, so with a sample piece we got to work.

We used our UV printer to print his logo directly onto the mesh! We then used clear powder coat to protect the mesh as these speakers see a lot of action as you can imagine from gig to gig. Calum was happy with the end result and we hope we get to do some more work with these guys in the future…

It’s a little off centre however it was just proof of concept, turned out great…

If you would like us to create a custom metal sign for your business we’d love to hear from you, please contact us at

Website update

And lastly, just a quick update on the website, we are now accepting Paypal payments!

Have a great weekend guys!

Robert - Head Banana

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